Wired: Interview with Linklater on Scanner Darkly

February 24, 2006



Wired has a pretty cool interview with Richard Linklater, director of Scanner Darkly, a new movie based on a Philip K. Dick novel. Linklater describes a number of the production issues, primarily centered around animation, that have delayed this picture from its original September 2005 target release date. The Rotoscoping technique they are using involves artists hand drawing a significant amount of the details, whereupon a software program fills in the rest. Apparently they had some significant issues in getting consistency out of the animation artists. Not surprisingly, additional problems arose out of usability issues with a highly customized software product.

Still, this movie looks interesting. Check out the trailer for Scanner Darkly if you haven’t seen it yet. I can’t wait for its July 7th release date!



Also, Wired has a pretty fun top 10 list on why Keanu Reeves Rules for these kind of movies (like we didn’t already know that!).


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