Ultraviolet Isn’t Offering Pre-screenings

February 28, 2006




Ultraviolet, starring Mila Jovovich, isn’t offering press showings to critics – this is never a good sign, as this usually indicates that the Studio expects bad ratings, and at least wants to capitalize on the opening weekend. Aeon Flux took this approach as well. Here’s my problem with that strategy – when the studio does this, they are pretty much DEMANDING that the critics give them bad reviews. Every critic is now UNDER PRESSURE to say the movie sucks.




In any event, I’m still excited about Ultraviolet, and will remain hopefully till my review shows up on the third. I mean how bad could a cyberpunk-vamp flick be (he says innocently)?? I mean at some level this has to be like the wine joke, right? It can only get so bad, and even then, it should still be fun! :)

BTW, Yahoo has some pretty nice trailers and slideshows for Ultraviolet.

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