Overheard on the net: Blade Runner 2 now in the works

October 3, 2008

Source: Slashfilm

Depending on how you feel about Hollywood’s track record with sequels, this is either the Second Coming or a sign of the Apocalypse.

Movie blog Slashfilm received an email earlier this week that the writers of Eagle Eye were now working on a Blade Runner sequel:

“I recently attended a Q&A session with one of the writers of ‘Eagle Eye’ after a free screening organized by the magazine Creative Screenwriting. During the Q&A, the writer said that he and whomever it was that helped him co-write the ‘Eagle Eye’ screenplay were in the process of writing a sequel to Blade Runner, and had already contacted the producers of the original, etc., etc. This is probably a load of empty words/wishful thinking on his part, but I for one am appalled by just the notion of a Blade Runner sequel, and thought you’d be as well, so I thought perhaps you’d like to look into this yourself and perhaps use your soapbox to get some fanboys a little pissed, as well. If not, then at least you have a scoop.”

The rumor turned out to be somewhat true, in that a sequel script is being written, but by co-writer Travis Wright, who was reprotedly working with Blade Runner co-executive producer Bud Yorkin. No word about Ridley Scott being involved as yet, and the project is being developed “outside the studio and without their involvement.”


Recipe for Disaster? One question that is not answered yet is if the sequel is going to be based on K. W. Jeter’s Blade Runner sequels. Even so, there’s still apprehension about a sequel from Slashfilm blogger Peter Sciretta:

All of this really scares the hell out of me. Blade Runner is one of the most beloved sci-fi films of all time, and it is a movie that doesn’t need a sequel. If Scott had an idea, and really believed it was worth making, then maybe MAYBE. But we certainly don’t need a sequel written by the second teir team of Eagle Eye. Lets hope to God this doesn’t happen.

Even the comments express dismay over number two. I, also, have serious reservations. But until BR2 comes out… IF it comes out… all we can do is hope for the best, or at least hope that Mr. Wright comes to his senses.

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