5 Gaming Accessories Any Pro-Gamer Needs

Sometimes in order to maximize the fun that you have whilst gaming, it is a good idea to invest in some accessories beforehand. Whether these accessories are to help improve your gaming set-up, to make you more comfortable while you play, or to make it easier to talk to friends whilst playing, they are undoubtedly going to further your enjoyment. However, it can be hard to know what accessories you should buy due to a large number of brands and options available on the market. If you are interested in getting some accessories to enhance your gaming experience but don’t know what you need then this list might help you in your decision making.


A good microphone

Having a good microphone is a key part of gaming if you want to do it with your friends. During a team game, it is important to be able to hear what your friends or teammates are saying, and also important that they can hear you just as well. Sometimes it can be hard to communicate over the sounds of an intense game. Having a good mic, such as the elgato Wave: 3, can really improve your experience. The elgato Wave: 3 is the perfect option if you want guaranteed high quality for an acceptable price.


Blue light-reflective glasses

When you spend all day staring at a screen, as many pro-gamers do, it can cause you to deal with headaches and a bad sleep schedule, due to the blue light that the computer screen emits. Artificial blue light makes your brain think that it is daytime and therefore stops it from producing melatonin before bed. Blue light-reflective glasses are designed specifically to deal with this issue, as you can wear them to reduce your exposure to this light. Blue light glasses are generally quite cheap, so are definitely worth a purchase.


Ergonomic gaming chair

Sitting in a chair all day whilst gaming can not only be uncomfortable but can also do serious damage to your back. Although it may be cheaper and more convenient to buy any office chair that you can find, your back will thank you for buying an ergonomic gaming chair, such as the Mavix M5. These are specially designed to be sat in for such long periods of time and although they can be more expensive, they are worth the price for the comfort. Plus you can make up for the price by saving on what you play, with lots of discounts on toy and games available online.


Customizable lights

If you want to maximize your gaming experience, buying some customizable lights will make you feel like a pro-gamer. These lights, like the Philips Hue Play Entertainment light, tend to be adjustable with your phone, with many color options available, and are usually inexpensive. This accessory is the perfect addition to your set-up and if you are a pro-gamer they will impress your viewers and make your content look much better.


High-quality headset

Finally, it is important for both normal gamers and pro-gamers to have a high-quality headset, such as the Hyper X Cloud Revolver. Although these headsets can be very expensive, if you are serious about gaming and being or becoming a pro-gamer, it is an important accessory to invest in. Having good sound quality whilst playing games helps you to immerse yourself in the games that you are playing. It also will improve your gameplay, as in a lot of combat and first-person shooter games, you need to be able to hear where enemies are coming from in order to defeat them quickly.

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