Cyberpigs in Seattle?

June 29, 2007

Cyberpig in Seattle


So I find myself in Seattle for the first time ever, and what do I find but a city literally wallowing in pig art! Who woulda figured that Seattle was the mecca of all things pig??? There are literally dozens of these things, all different. We found this one in a shopping mall near the Monorail – now even pigs have good cyberpunk!


Seattle Science Fiction Museum


If you ever find yourself in Seattle, definitely check out the Science Fiction Museum. This thing is a joy for Sci-Fi (and cyberpunk) fans. It has all sorts of movie props and costumes. For instance, I was amazed at how awesome Rachael’s black dress from Blade Runner looked up close. They also had the Terminator skull, a full-sized Alien queen from Aliens, the captain’s chair from the original Star Trek, the Death Star model from Star Wars (1977), A full scale, operational Robbie the Robot replica who argues with an actual Robot from the Lost in Space series, etc. It was definitely worth the price of admission.

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