The Best Mobiles Games coming to PC

Mobile games have been on the up for a while now, and it’s no surprise considering how well people have taken on the ability to play all the games on your consoles, on your phone! There are many games that have gone from originally being PC games such as Fortnite, Pubg, League of Legends, and many more, but today we will be discussing games that have been converted the other way around! This is a crazy achievement for any mobile game, as PC games tend to be much more popular than mobile ones, but sometimes I guess it is not the case! Let us break down a few of the best mobile games that are coming to PC.

Rise of Kingdoms

Abbreviated to RoK PC, it is no wonder this game has been huge in the mobile game scene- it is so addicting and fun to play, impossible to stop once you have started! It is a strategy game that allows you to grow your own village and conquer others, building your empire hour by hour, and prove to everyone playing that you are the top dog of the world. You are the leader, and you have to guide the civilians of a kingdom to success. With many different and unexplored maps, real-time battles, realistic day and night cycles, and even eleven unique kingdoms to choose from, you will never be left bored and always ready to play and keep an eye on your kingdom! Be wary, other players that are online can come and destroy your kingdom when you are sleeping if you are not prepared!


This game is free until 7th May and then will cost $4.99 which is not a lot considering some of the games out on the market! It is an adventure game that is support for controller use as well so if you want to play on your PC but also have a controller, this is compatible! The great thing about Crashland is that you can play on your PC from where you left off on your phone! It is perfectly synced so that you do not have to lose all the data you had from when it was just a mobile game! It also has a great mixture of chill and energetic music- take your pick but their playlist fits into the gameplay at all times! What is even better is that once you’ve completed the game, there is a more challenging and insane mode so that you are able to replay and test your abilities further

Vendetta Online

Vendetta is an online multiplayer space shooter game that is free to play on mobile but requires a subscription of $10 for PC. Players are able to take control of a spaceship and cruise around space- captaining your ship and calling all the shots for battles to come. Fight other ships in real-time or spend time mining to craft upgrades that can be sold all the way across the galaxy! You are even able to leave the game to mine ores while you are gone, to level up passively which will aid you to become stronger. This game is hot in the PC scene and definitely needs exploring- take the step forward now to become a Martian and become the captain of your own battleship and rule the galaxy! Definitely a game for individuals who are interested in battling, fighting, space, and world domination! The final bonus of this game on PC is that it is constantly updated and kept fresh to ensure the best experience for its users.

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