Roblox vs Minecraft: Which Game Reigns Supreme?

If you are someone that has children or you are simply an avid gamer yourself, then you have most definitely stumbled across the debate of what game is better between Roblox and Minecraft. Both games have been around a long time and have arguably made their own individual marks on the gaming world.  

Though the graphics and certain elements of the two games share similarities, it would be unfair to not note that there are some distinguishable differences between the two that make them both worthy of the top spot.  Each game has its own individual appeal that reaches all age ranges, so it would be impossible to impose a subjective opinion. Here is our opinion on which game reigns supreme. 


Cultural Impact 

Though both games are well known throughout the world, it would be hard to argue that Roblox has had more of a cultural impact than Minecraft. Minecraft has been around for well over a decade, which means a lot of the adults you know probably played it while growing up.  

For a lot of us, Minecraft was a large part of our influential years. It allowed us to make friends, work on our problem solving and seek solace after a stressful day. Minecraft has had several revivals in popularity too, which means more and more generations of people have played Minecraft during their childhood.  

A good way to really pinpoint which of the two is the most popular is by simply asking around. No matter how old someone is, if you ask them if they know about Minecraft, it is likely that they will say yes. This shows just how much of an impact the game has had. However, if you were to ask someone if they knew what Roblox was, it would not be guaranteed that everyone would know what it is. This doesn’t mean the quality of the game is not up to scratch, it simply shows just how popular Minecraft is and will continue to be.  


Game Diversity 

In terms of the diversity of both games, the two cannot really be compared. Minecraft is known for having several game modes, but these game modes are not accessible on all platforms and sometimes even require additional payments.  

Roblox on the other hand is well known for the diversity of its game modes. Players are even encouraged to create their own, which means everyday more and more maps and modes are being added to the game.  

If you think of any topic and game and then search for it in Roblox, it is likely that you will get a result. The people who make servers in Roblox are extremely dedicated, which means that you don’t only get a diverse lineup of games that you love, you also get constant updates. Most of the game modes that you can play on are also entirely free, all that is asked of you is the occasional donation to the server when you can, which we find to be more than reasonable. 



Though you may be willing to pay quite a lot of money for a game that you enjoy, cost is still an important factor when comparing the two games.  A lot of people simply cannot afford to pay an excessive amount of money on a game due to unfortunate economic situations. We believe that a great game should be able to include gamers no matter what their financial situation is. We do acknowledge that developers require money in order to create the games, but there are plenty of games that are free and also high quality.  

This is where Roblox takes it over Minecraft. Depending on what console you use, you can expect to pay upwards of twenty dollars to download Minecraft. Roblox on the other hand has always been free, which means that anyone with a suitable device can download and play the game.  

Something that is often pointed out by fans is the fact that Roblox has a currency that you must pay for which is known as Robux. Though you can pay for robux, you can also earn free robux, which means that essentially anyone can build up a healthy robux amount.  

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