ReBoot movie trilogy now being written

June 3, 2008

Reboot crew

Bob: I’m I reading this right? Someone’s actually writing scripts for three movies about us?
Dot: Maybe we should read the rest of this blog. It might explain what’s going on.


Word coming down the wires from The Hollywood Reporter has news of scripts for a ReBoot movie trilogy currently being written by Jon Cooksey. Carolyn Giardina (Hollywood Reporter):

Jon Cooksey has been signed to write the script for the first feature based on “ReBoot,” one of the earliest computer-animated episodic TV series.

“ReBoot” is being redeveloped as a trilogy of feature-length films by Rainmaker Animation. Originally produced in 1994, the series was created by MainFrame Entertainment, which was acquired by and renamed Rainmaker in 2006.

The news comes as part of a relaunch that includes a comic series and a marketing campaign to “engage the fans.”

This has to come as good news for fans of the CG TV series; The prospect of three more ReBoot movies to add their collection of the series and three movies (Daemon Rising, My Two Bobs, and The Ride) is going to have fans looking to make more room. There’s already a page on IMDB waiting to be populated once the first movie is released.

The movies is currently scheduled to be released in 2010, so you’ll need to fill the time by checking out the ReBoot website and staying tuned for the latest from the project.

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Terminator experiences Salvation: T4 is comming.

October 12, 2007

Yesterday, a blog from Dark Horizons has word of a fourth Terminator movie in the works.

Michael Fleming (Vairety):

Warner Bros. has acquired North American distrib rights to “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins,” triggering an early 2008 production start for a film that seeks to reinvent the cyborg saga with a storyline to be told over a three-pic span.

WB plans to distribute “Terminator Salvation” in summer 2009.

“The Phantom Menace” part deux? After the debacle that was T3, and the upcoming “Sarah Conner Chronicles” series, one has to wonder if the Terminator franchise as any high-powered ammo left. Also, seeking to “reinvent the cyborg saga” may turn away hardcore fans of T1 and T2 who not only want the action, but a solid and compelling story behind it. If we learned anything from Star Wars I – III it’s that effects don’t mean dick without a good story or intriguing characters… and it really won’t mean dick if we have to face a robotic Jar-Jar Binks who can only kill by annoying everyone!

“As governor of California, I order you to make this better than ‘Attack of the Clones.’ Don’t make me legislate your ass!”

As always, when T4 (and “The Sarah Conner Chronicles”) is released we will have a review of it. Hopefully, it will be worth watching to write a review.

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Gibson’s Neuromancer Movie Now Has an IMDB Listing

June 22, 2007



About a month ago, Variety came out with a story stating that Indie producer Peter Hoffman was going to be making William Gibson’s Neuromancer, and that it had been greenlit with a $70 million budget (First Showing also reported this). Then the other shoe dropped – Torque director Joseph Kahn, also known for his Britney Spears Toxic video, has been penciled in as the director. So what, was Michael Bay already busy fucking up some other movie franchise, and therefore wasn’t available? Surely Uwe Boll could have been persuaded, right? Seriously, you gotta wonder what criteria was used in making this selection. OK fine – when the previously unknown Peter Jackson was thrust in the role of directing a movie of a genre-creating sacred novel, he emerged a cinematic genius; but lets face it, Braindead and Heavenly Creatures at least showed real talent, whereas Torque…

We know that there have been a variety of attempts to turn Neuromancer into a movie before, most notably by Chuck Russell and later by Chris Cunningham, but for whatever reason, the projects never got off the ground. With this in mind, William Gibson on his blog put this issue in perspective.


Word from the Croisette has some of our posters gnashing their teeth at the possibility that someone who’s made Britney vids might attempt a feature film of Neuromancer. (SFAM NOTE: There was some gnashing on teeth in the meatspace about this as well)

Discussing said possibility, earlier today, with Cory Doctorow, he said:

“I’ve noticed that everything in Hollywood always appears to be in a liminal state of nearly there, with enormous, gallumphing enthusiasm all around, then long periods of indifference. I get almost weekly calls about the amazing things that are just about to happen for me. I go to studio meetings with people who tell me about the amazing things we’ll do together. Somehow, nothing much comes of it… It reminds me a little of bubble-era tech entrepreneurs, especially the business development people who always seemed about to close a GIANT DEAL.”


In looking into this, it is interesting to note that Peter Hoffman’s company, Seven Arts still has no listing in its “Coming Soon” section for Neuromancer. If the movie has been greenlit and is being rushed into production (never a great sign), you’d think they’d already be hard at work on the advertising. As of just yesterday when I checked, there was no IMDB listing for Neuromancer, so I was ready to believe this was all just vapor. However, when now I look, we do find a new, fairly empty IMDB Neuromancer listing (if anyone has an IMDB Pro account, please let us know what additional info is listed!). By no means does this make Neuromancer a done deal (and happily, it doesn’t yet list the director), but it does indicate progress toward a real attempt of a project. Lets keep track of Seven Arts’ website for updates.

And its not that I have anything personally against Mr. Kahn – perhaps he’s just waiting for the right opportunity to show his genius nature. But I think I might be happier if, say, someone in the ballpark of Chris Cunningham or Ridley Scott were making this – you know – someone that had already proven their Scifi brilliance. Especially considering its apparently gonna be a “rush” job, I guess all we can do now is hope for either a miracle or early termination.

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The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Will This Be Good?

March 5, 2007

Lena Headey Screencap


Sci Fi Wire relays an interview with Lena Headey (in the shot above, from the Brother’s Grimm movie), star of the upcoming Sarah Conner Chronicles, where she mentions that they have just finished shooting its pilot episode. Apparently, the Sarah Connor Chronicles takes place right after T2, and will have male and female terminator characters.


Lena Headey, who stars in the the Fox SF drama pilot The Sarah Connor Chronicles, told SCI FI Wire that the show will begin with a confrontation between Headey’s title character; her son, John Connor (Heroes’ Thomas Dekker); and two new Terminators: a female model, played by Serenity’s Summer Glau, and a male one, which she called Cromartie, played by Owain Yeoman. One is good and one is bad; she didn’t say which is which. (Glau’s character is named Cameron, an apparent nod to Terminator franchise creator James Cameron.)

The pilot, which picks up the story from the end of the feature film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, begins in the desert, and “it ends with them landing in L.A., having run and escaped. Or maybe not,” Headey said in an interview at WonderCon in San Francisco on March 3.

“We just finished [shooting],” Headey (300) said. “We were in Albuquerque [N.M.] for a month. And it was very intense, because TV is crazy. I mean, it’s long days. It’s like boom, boom, boom. You don’t get any respite. But … I think it’s going to be great. I don’t know if its going to be picked up, because it’s only in pilot stage right now. But I learned to shoot many weapons and how to recognize a Terminator. So it was a good experience.”


Even if you didn’t know anything about this, chances are you could guess the plot. Sure enough, its just what you thought it would be:


The pilot “begins, and it’s them basically running, hiding, trying to live,” Headey said. “Trying to carve out a normal life for themselves, but always being watched and trying to locate Skynet, trying to stop [it]. But there are many, many issues in their way.”


Summer Glau Screencap


Considering the mess of a story in T3, I’m not too worried about continuity issues. And all things considered, I’d probably spot this as a clunker from the start, but, um, it co-stars Summer Glau as the Terminatrix! Any of you brown coats out there will know her River from the most awesome SciFi show Firefly and its companion movie, Serenity (and no, I don’t consider these to be cyberpunk). This alone will have me tuning in to the pilot.

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Dose – Interview W/Gene Generation’s Pearry Reginald Teo

August 16, 2006

Dose Screen Capture


One of the really cool things happening in Cyberpunk right now is this new webzine called the Dose. Its published as a PDF and has a ton of cool interviews, features and pictures in it. I strongly recommend downloading both the initial issue (issue 0) and the premiere issue. Inside the Premiere issue, among other things, there is a very good interview with Pearry Reginald Teo, director of the upcoming cyberpunk movie, Gene Generation. Here’s a brief excerpt:


DOSE: The Gene Generation definitely appears to be a cult movie that’s going to appeal to the Gothic, Industrial and cyberpunk subcultures. Your background material, as I had the chance to see, has quite an involvement with H.R. Giger and Beksinski in terms of architectural and visual design, your musical work includes Combichrist and VNV Nation and as for the overall look of the characters, you couldn’t deny the effect of the Gothic and cyberpunk fashion. So how did this involvement with these subcultures start? Do you feel you belong to any subcultures and if so, did you touch more (and which ones) before ending up with one?

PRT: I prefer to coin the term counter culture. Only because subculture has a word that might infer we even belong as part of something. I like to think of the people and music that I love as an entirety to itself. Its about who we are and how we are different. We never work in society, but rather with society. We are a part of it rather than letting it control us. And I blame this thought process and influence on visionaries who have helped shaped our future with minds that dared to venture somewhere else. Its hard to actually say I belong into a counter culture only because I dont feel I belong to any one of them. Rather, I enjoy the idea of being around them so I can absorb a mood and certain ambience (as well as creativity) before these cultures actually influence me. You probably can tell I have a lot of different references to different things. In fact, I just love mixing things and seeing how beautiful it turns out. Something industrial, mixed with traditional cross cultural shock, makes me happy to see that no matter how different we are, in art, we can come together to make something beautiful. But the one constant, no doubt, is that I am extremely attracted to dark like-minded individuals such as the goth, industrial, EBM, cyberpunk scene. I find no inspiration is rappers, hip-hop scene or pop. In my opinion, I think they are mainly egotistical, and its all about the individual whereas the former definitely lends it style more because of taste and human emotive ideologies.


Gene Generation Screen Capture


Still No Release Date for Gene Generation: Unfortunately, Pearry Reginald Teo still hasn’t finalized a distribution deal, so there’s no date on when this much anticipated film is coming out (did I mention I LOVE Bai Ling???):


DOSE: When can we expect screenings, release dates for DVD? Can you tell anything about the European distribution and screening opportunities?

PRT: As mentioned before, because we dont have a distributor yet, there is no right answer to it. Even though we have offers now, I really want people to see the final and polished product before anything else. But I can promise one thing, the European distribution avenue will probably be as big, if not bigger than in the US. Especially in Germany and UK. Hopefully, with enough Jedi mind powers, I can coax the distributor to have one opening premier in Germany, one of my favorite countries to be in.


Ghost in the Shell Screen Capture


Cyberpunk 101: Among many other cool features, including band interviews and awesome art shots, and hawt chick nude bondage scenes, the Dose has a Cyberpunk 101 section which lists some of the best animes, best extreme Japanese Cyberpunk movies, best cyberpunk albums, and best cyberpunk games. Hopefully we see more of this feature in the future.

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