5 Gaming Accessories Any Pro-Gamer Needs

Sometimes in order to maximize the fun that you have whilst gaming, it is a good idea to invest in some accessories beforehand. Whether these accessories are to help improve your gaming set-up, to make you more comfortable while you play, or to make it easier to talk to friends whilst playing, they are undoubtedly going to further your enjoyment. However, it can be hard to know what accessories you should buy due to a large number of brands and options available on the market. If you are interested in getting some accessories to enhance your gaming experience but don’t know what you need then this list might help you in your decision making.


A good microphone

Having a good microphone is a key part of gaming if you want to do it with your friends. During a team game, it is important to be able to hear what your friends or teammates are saying, and also important that they can hear you just as well. Sometimes it can be hard to communicate over the sounds of an intense game. Having a good mic, such as the elgato Wave: 3, can really improve your experience. The elgato Wave: 3 is the perfect option if you want guaranteed high quality for an acceptable price.


Blue light-reflective glasses

When you spend all day staring at a screen, as many pro-gamers do, it can cause you to deal with headaches and a bad sleep schedule, due to the blue light that the computer screen emits. Artificial blue light makes your brain think that it is daytime and therefore stops it from producing melatonin before bed. Blue light-reflective glasses are designed specifically to deal with this issue, as you can wear them to reduce your exposure to this light. Blue light glasses are generally quite cheap, so are definitely worth a purchase.


Ergonomic gaming chair

Sitting in a chair all day whilst gaming can not only be uncomfortable but can also do serious damage to your back. Although it may be cheaper and more convenient to buy any office chair that you can find, your back will thank you for buying an ergonomic gaming chair, such as the Mavix M5. These are specially designed to be sat in for such long periods of time and although they can be more expensive, they are worth the price for the comfort. Plus you can make up for the price by saving on what you play, with lots of discounts on toy and games available online.


Customizable lights

If you want to maximize your gaming experience, buying some customizable lights will make you feel like a pro-gamer. These lights, like the Philips Hue Play Entertainment light, tend to be adjustable with your phone, with many color options available, and are usually inexpensive. This accessory is the perfect addition to your set-up and if you are a pro-gamer they will impress your viewers and make your content look much better.


High-quality headset

Finally, it is important for both normal gamers and pro-gamers to have a high-quality headset, such as the Hyper X Cloud Revolver. Although these headsets can be very expensive, if you are serious about gaming and being or becoming a pro-gamer, it is an important accessory to invest in. Having good sound quality whilst playing games helps you to immerse yourself in the games that you are playing. It also will improve your gameplay, as in a lot of combat and first-person shooter games, you need to be able to hear where enemies are coming from in order to defeat them quickly.

The Best Mobiles Games coming to PC

Mobile games have been on the up for a while now, and it’s no surprise considering how well people have taken on the ability to play all the games on your consoles, on your phone! There are many games that have gone from originally being PC games such as Fortnite, Pubg, League of Legends, and many more, but today we will be discussing games that have been converted the other way around! This is a crazy achievement for any mobile game, as PC games tend to be much more popular than mobile ones, but sometimes I guess it is not the case! Let us break down a few of the best mobile games that are coming to PC.

Rise of Kingdoms

Abbreviated to RoK PC, it is no wonder this game has been huge in the mobile game scene- it is so addicting and fun to play, impossible to stop once you have started! It is a strategy game that allows you to grow your own village and conquer others, building your empire hour by hour, and prove to everyone playing that you are the top dog of the world. You are the leader, and you have to guide the civilians of a kingdom to success. With many different and unexplored maps, real-time battles, realistic day and night cycles, and even eleven unique kingdoms to choose from, you will never be left bored and always ready to play and keep an eye on your kingdom! Be wary, other players that are online can come and destroy your kingdom when you are sleeping if you are not prepared!


This game is free until 7th May and then will cost $4.99 which is not a lot considering some of the games out on the market! It is an adventure game that is support for controller use as well so if you want to play on your PC but also have a controller, this is compatible! The great thing about Crashland is that you can play on your PC from where you left off on your phone! It is perfectly synced so that you do not have to lose all the data you had from when it was just a mobile game! It also has a great mixture of chill and energetic music- take your pick but their playlist fits into the gameplay at all times! What is even better is that once you’ve completed the game, there is a more challenging and insane mode so that you are able to replay and test your abilities further

Vendetta Online

Vendetta is an online multiplayer space shooter game that is free to play on mobile but requires a subscription of $10 for PC. Players are able to take control of a spaceship and cruise around space- captaining your ship and calling all the shots for battles to come. Fight other ships in real-time or spend time mining to craft upgrades that can be sold all the way across the galaxy! You are even able to leave the game to mine ores while you are gone, to level up passively which will aid you to become stronger. This game is hot in the PC scene and definitely needs exploring- take the step forward now to become a Martian and become the captain of your own battleship and rule the galaxy! Definitely a game for individuals who are interested in battling, fighting, space, and world domination! The final bonus of this game on PC is that it is constantly updated and kept fresh to ensure the best experience for its users.

The Most Highly Anticipated Games of 2021

2021 is the first year of an entirely new gaming generation. The PS5 and the Xbox Series S are now out, despite some stock issues still persisting, the reviews are favorable. So now we look ahead to the most anticipated games set to be released in 2021. So let us dive straight into it and take a look at what is to come.


Hitman 3

Hitman is a household name for any gamer. With the signature barcode on the badling head of Agent 47 being a gaming icon, it is no wonder the series has survived this long. In 2016 IO Interactive did a soft-reboot of the Hitman franchise. The new installment was met with critical acclaim for its creative sandbox-style gameplay.

Now gamers are preparing for the ‘World of Assassination’ trilogy to wrap up with the launch of Hitman 3. There are big questions to be answered and creative assassinations to be carried out. The game launches in January so we do not have to wait long at all to get our hands on it.



But wait, GTA 5 is already out? Why is it on this list? That is a good question. And it is one we both do and don’t have an answer for. Rockstar games have been riding the coattails of GTA 5’s success for years now. We get rumors that they may be working on GTA 6, but until then we are forced to rebuy GTA 5.

But with this new generation of consoles now available, it is no wonder people are clamoring to re-buy GTA 5 in its new-gen form. And the fact you can get modded accounts for gta 5 means there are endless possibilities for your next playthrough. It is no wonder Rockstar has spent millions on re-advertising GTA on the next-gen consoles. But this does make us wonder if GTA 6 is actually happening, or is it stuck in development hell.


Halo Infinite

Halo fans are nothing if committed to their game series. Halo was once the most popular game on the planet. Breaking new ground in what an FPS game could be. But in recent years it is safe to say a lot of the magic of Halo has vanished. Replaced by Hollywood style dramatics and overtly sci-fi nonsense.

But Halo Infinite seems to be going back to what made the original Halo so incredible. We don’t know much about the game yet but from what we have seen it seems the style, setting, and even the color scheme are trying to harken back to the original Halo vibe.

Rumors have stated that the multiplayer scene is also being given an overhaul. The battle royal mode is being replaced with a large team battle. And the normal modes, such as deathmatch or king of the hill, are not being forgotten. The developers are promising an authentic multiplayer experience akin to the golden years.

Avatar (Cyber Wars)

February 22, 2007

Movie Review By: hughie522

Year: 2004

Directed by: Jian Hong Kuo

Written by: Christopher Hatton

IMDB Reference

Degree of Cyberpunk Visuals: High

Correlation to Cyberpunk Themes: High

Key Cast Members:

  • Dash MacKenzie: Genevieve O’Reilly
  • Victor Huang: Luoyong Wang

Rating: 6 out of 10


Avatar Cyber Wars Screen Capture


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Avatar Cyber Wars Screen Capture


Overview: Few would consider Singapore to be the home of cutting-edge science fiction and even less would be swayed by the island nation’s first science fiction film, ‘Avatar’. The first forty minutes are cringe-worthy; poorly constructed characters, dodgy VFX and some of the worst dialogue outside a Ishiro Honda film are likely to put many viewers off straight away. However, ‘Avatar’ offers a little more than your cookie-cutter tale of good vs. evil wrapped in a sleek (if not cardboard-like) sci-fi setting. Transhumanism, corporate greed, social engineering, cheating death – all feature in an interesting little science fiction romp that unfortunately suffers from a very limited budget. Our story begins…


Avatar Cyber Wars Screen Capture

Synopsis: In the early 21st century, the entire free world is connected through the CyberLink (think ‘internet meets cyberspace’), the backbone of all communication and financial trading (ie. the stock exchange). The influence of the CyberLink is most felt in the city-state of Sintawan, a sprawling metropolis where corporate greed and personal gain rise above all else. Men (and women) such as Joseph Lau (David Warner, ladies and gentlemen!) are practically Gods over their own domain, the CyberLink ensuring their continued dominance over Sintawan through the megacorporations. Five megacorporations in particular – one of which is owned by Lau – appear locked in an epic game of wits with the people of Sintawan as the chess pieces.


Avatar Cyber Wars Screen Capture


Not that the people actually realize this, oh no. They are too busy with their own private agendas to even notice! Although a vast majority of CyberLink users are legitimate, illegal users do exist and often use ‘SIMPLANTS’ to hide their true identities (sort of like using a disguise and a false ID). ‘SIMPLANT’-users are often tracked down by freelance bounty hunters such as Dash MacKenzie (O’Reilly) or, more commonly, by Ident cops such as Detective Vic Huang. Dash is contacted by Joseph Lau – as are the Ident Police – to track down an illegal ‘SIMPLANT’-user, Edward Chang. It seems straightforward enough, until Dash and Detective Huang discover a massive conspiracy involving the CyberLink, Joseph Lau and the other megacorporations. This game just got deadly…

Avatar Cyber Wars Screen Capture


Analysis: To be frank, ‘Avatar’ is hardly ‘award-winning entertainment’ (though apparently it has already picked up two at a Spanish film festival) and will not blow anyone’s socks off. It is not destined to become a sci-fi classic or even a cult film, and is likely already forgotten by those that noticed it to begin with. Though it is not without its merits; the technology is fantastic: holograms are often used to hide the truth (such as disguising the fact that a prominent, five-star hotel is in desperate need of an exterminator and a few coats of paint), handheld communicators for video calls, micro-scale robots disguised as insects (such as beetles and dragonflies) that are used to project holograms and undertake surveillance, the concept of people that live inside the CyberLink and those that have augmented their bodies with technology (such as my friend below)…it is absolutely incredible that so much was achieved on such a limited budget.


Avatar Cyber Wars Screen Capture

Cyberpunk Musings: There are a number of interesting aspects of Avatar which benefit from further exploration.

  • Ravers: Ravers are part of Sintawan’s subculture. Augmented human beings with a gang mentality, they are fiercely anti-corporate and anti-government. Ravers are all connected through a telepathic link-up that is separate from the CyberLink and frequently use ‘crash-bangs’ (handheld electromagnetic pulse devices) to damage the city-state’s infrastructure (ie. at one point in the film an organised group of ravers attempt to take down Sintawan’s mass transit system and partly succeed). All appear to have the same ‘left-brain implants’ that have an almost ‘retro’ feel to them. Possibly the coolest part of the film.
  • City-states: There already exists cities with populations and gross domestic products (GDPs) greater than that of most third- and second-world countries. Sintawan appears to be governed by an organisation similar to the United Nations, though the corporations have been challenging this seat of power for some time. It is not too far fetched to stipulate that a large enough city (such as New York) could break off from the mainland and declare itself an independent state in the near future.
  • Avatars/Holograms: Though never referred to as ‘holograms’ as such, these feature predominantly in the film. For example, one of the corporate heads is suffering from terminal cancer and has had his body put in a state of hibernation. His mind, however, remains fully function and an ‘avatar’ (a holographic representation of him) continues to act as the functioning head of the corporation, albeit only within the confines of his office. As mentioned before, holograms are also used to ‘cloak’ certain objects and sometimes create very believable deceptions (such as the six-star hotel).
  • Surveillance and ‘Bugging’: Mini-robots disguised as very believable imitations of dragonflies (and to a lesser extent, beetles) are used throughout the film for audio and visual surveillance and the projecting of holograms. If you think that you have been ‘bugged’, then you are probably right!
  • The Spirit and the Flesh: Several characters (and one in particular) practically live inside the CyberLink. One such character’s body is a complete mess (he is severely overweight and is always ‘jacked in’) while his ‘spirit’ seems almost free within the virtual confines of the CyberLink. The CyberLink also offers a sort of perpetual ‘afterlife’ for those who have died in the real world (much like Armin Mueller-Stahl’s character in ‘The Thirteenth Floor’).
  • Social Engineering: Suppose that chaos theory is true; that every action and every decision radiates outwards and has an effect on other things and other actions and other decisions, exponentially increasing as it pushes out. Now suppose that chaos theory is somehow controlled. That someone higher up is pushing all the buttons, willing us into certain actions and certain decisions that is slowly shaping our culture. Now imagine that person ‘higher up’ is one of five corporate heads, who are all out to win a game of wits with human beings as the game pieces. Scary, no? This is the BIG issue in ‘Avatar’, and the one that ninety percent of the film is structured around. So what if the game has brought great prosperity to the people of Sintawan; it’s still motivated by greed, is it not? Is destroying the game worth the cost destroying modern society? You decide.


Avatar Cyber Wars Screen Capture

The Bottom Line: If you watch this film as I did – whereby I was expecting your typical, low-budget sci-fi action romp – then you might be pleasantly surprised. Though not that greatly. ‘Avatar’ is a film possibly best suited to die-hard sci-fi fans with no sense of taste (like moi) and who are easily impressed by a few interesting ideas and flashy set pieces (also like moi). Otherwise, steer clear and stick to the bane of ‘thinking-man’s science fiction’ (yes, I am referring to ‘The Matrix’ sequels). ‘Avatar’ has plenty of ideas, though permitting it any more than six stars would be a crime and an insult. The bottom line: CONSUME AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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March 6, 2006

Year: 1995

Directed by: Brett Leonard

Written by: Eric Bernt

IMDB Reference

Degree of Cyberpunk Visuals: Medium

Correlation to Cyberpunk Themes: Low

Key Cast Members:

  • Lt. Parker Barnes: Denzel Washington
  • SID 6.7: Russell Crowe
  • Dr. Madison Carter: Kelly Lynch
  • Rating: 6 out of 10



    Overview: Overview: Sometimes we find movies are able to rise above truly absurd stories and transform movies that had no business being watchable into something enjoyable. This is what we find with Virtuosity. Virtuosity has a story with is barely bothers to try to hold together, but yields memorable performances by all the major leads. The pacing is at least fast enough that its possible that some unsuspecting viewers might not notice some of the absurdities presented.




    The Story: In the near future, Crowe plays SID 6.7, a virtual reality (VR) composite of 200 personalities, each and every one a killer. His purpose is to serve as the key bad guy in a new police officer training simulation. To test the simulation the corporation uses former cops – now criminals – to test the hyper-real VR training system. Former Lt. Parker Barnes, convicted for killing a mass murderer (and some bystanders) who murdered his family is one of the lucky ginea pigs. After entering the simulation, all is not as is seems, as SID 6.7, who has grown sentient, has modified the safety controls to allow him to actually kill the test subjects. Barnes’ partner is killed and Barnes barely escapes the Simulation.




    After the corporation decides to shut the project down, Dr. Lindenmeyer (played by Stephen Spinella), SID 6.7’s creator finds a way to save SID 6.7. It just so happens that another scientist in the corporation has just completed a nano-android – the first of its kind – and is now wondering how to embed it with sentience (yes, they really expect us to buy this – companies always have magical projects just hanging around that anyone can get access to!). Lindenmeyer tricks the scientist into uploading Crowe’s program into the nano-droid, which serves to free SID 6.7 from his simulated cage.




    It turns out that one of SID 6.7’s “dominant” personalities which he has been created by is none other than the murderer of Parker’s family. Parker is offered a pardon if he can capture or kill SID 6.7. Parker is joined by Dr. Madison Carter (Kelly Lynch), an expert on serial killers. From this point on, we get a police-serial killer chase movie with a good bit of cool nano-droid restoration visuals. The rationale for why the police can’t stop SID 6.7, or why Dr. Carter must join parker are both pretty weak. More interesting is the fact that the police never seem to bother showing up when SID 6.7 decides to kill people in front of massive crowds. But such is life – again, at least the leads all play this far more believable than this film has a write to be.




    The Bottom Line: The VR visuals are decent, the acting is very good, but the story really doesn’t hold together. The worse part of the story is that the the nano-droid and VR sentience are essentially posed as magic. We get no explanation from the key cyberpunk aspects of this, such as how 200 real-life personalities from dead serial killers are embedded in a VR simulation, nor are we are given an explanation for how this incredible nano-droid is developed, or could be developed while not having a purpose. Still, Russell Crowe as a very memorable crazed villain and Denzel Washington both put in great performances, and are very well supported by Kelly Lynch, William Forsythe (a crusty police chief and Parker’s former boss) and William Fichtner (who plays a creepy corporate type). In short, they make the movie worth watching.


    ~See movies similar to this one~

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    February 5, 2006

    Year: 1994

    Directed by: John Murlowski

    Written by: Patrick Highsmith (story), Susan Lambert & Patrick Highsmith (screenplay)

    IMDB Reference

    Degree of Cyberpunk Visuals: Low

    Correlation to Cyberpunk Themes: Low

    Key Cast Members:

    • J269: Olivier Gruner
    • Nora Rochester: Daphne Ashbrook
    Rating: 6 out of 10


    DVD coverDVD cover


    Overview: While some might argue that Nemesis is a better film, I actually like “B” action movie master Olivier Gruner’s performance in Automatic better. Automatic has Gruner starring as J269, a “J Series Automatic” cyborg who’s job it is to protect human life, and most importantly, employees of the RobGen corporation. During the course of his duties, he encounters a RobGen senior manager attempting to rape Ms. Nora Rochester (played by Daphne Ashbrook). In preventing the attack, he ends up accidentally killing the RobGen manager. Not only does killing a human this unlock his freewill, it causes the Goddard Marx, the founder of RobGen to try to kill him and Ms. Rochester in order to cover up the fact that an “Automatic” killed a human.

    The Bottom Line: As with many low-budget derivatives, there is nothing truly new storywise here. Unfortunately, I only have a VHS tape of this, so I can’t give you screencaps, but there’s nothing new visually here either. Eventually Automatic turns into a cyborg version of Die Hard. But Gruner plays 4 separate roles pretty well; the action is good, and the FX are just believable enough to keep this interesting. And the twist at the end provides a nice solid ending.


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