The 6 Best Simulator Games On the Market

Simulator games hold a special place in my heart. I have extremely fond memories of caring for and nourishing my Sims before I would accidentally burn down their home. But what is it about Simulator games that capture our interest so well? You could argue they are the ultimate form of escapism. The hallmark of a simulator is how grounded in realism it is. Unlike a fantasy or Sci-Fi game, Simulators let us experience something within our own world. So today we want to look at the six best Simulators currently on the market.


Sims 3

This one is an obvious inclusion. The ultimate simulator, Sims is one of the most popular games on the planet. But you might notice we have put down Sims 3 and not 4. That is because everything that was good about Sims 3 was removed in Sims 4. And everything bad and wrong with gaming today was implemented into Sims 4. So if you want to play Sims, just get Sims 3 and you will have a fantastic time.


American Truck Simulator

Have you ever dreamed about road tripping across the amazing American landscape? ATS lets you fulfill this dream while also giving you an accurate look at the life of a trucker. With a large number of ats mods further enhancing the experience, we cannot recommend this game enough. It also gives you a chance to play using a steering wheel attachment for full immersion. Pair it with a VR headset and you can fully immerse yourself into the world of trucking.


Anno 1800

A mix between an RTS and Simulator, Anno 1800 is a classic in the Anno series and one of the most realistic simulators of 18th-century life. Everything from managing your city and its population, to dealing with foreign trade and diplomacy. The games create an authentic experience as you are likely to get for this time period. If you are skeptical about the RTS elements, do not worry. They are not as demanding and hectic as games like StarCraft.


Cities: Skylines

The ultimate city building game. A title previously held by SimCity, until they went in an overly simple direction. Cities: Skylines offers players a fully immersive and in-depth city building experience. It allows you to manage everything from city planning right down to the traffic light systems. You can create the city of your dreams down to the smallest detail.

The game also has a number of excellent expansions, each adding something new and exciting to expand your possibilities.


Job Simulator

Job Simulator acted as a poster child for what VR technology was capable of. And it is one of the funniest games you will ever play. The gameplay is very simple. Pick an occupation and do a day’s work in that field. The challenge comes from using VR technology to navigate this world. It does a fantastic job of immersing you in the scenery. Just be careful you don’t mistake a VR chair for a real one and try to sit down.


Train Sim World

As a kid, I loved nothing more than playing with my wooden trains. As an adult, I have traded up to playing with virtual trains on a realistic train track. Train Sim World offers any Train aficionado the opportunity to run a realistic and fully immersive train service. Everything from running local stations, to managing a global shipping firm. Train Sim is THE definitive train simulator on the market. And it has enough expansions to make your head spin.

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