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March 11, 2013

Dry Lung Overdrive: Mind Teardown

Music Review By: Mr. Roboto

Year: 2012

Artist: Mind Teardown

Written by: Ivan Myh [Ukraine] & Domagoj Kršiæ [Croatia]

Label: Crime:Scene

Download from: MediaFire


Track Listing:

1. Intro - 0:46
2. Death Increased - 4:16
3. Machine Messiah - 3:42
4. Wreckage - 3:28
5. Whisper - 3:31
6. Processing - 2:56
7. Anthrax Junkie - 4:04
8. Breakdown - 2:32
9. Outro - 0:40

Overview: Somewhere between going back to full time work, the original Half-Life, discovering a couple of games for possible review, and my own inherent laziness I’m surprised spammers haven’t totally taken over. At least I’ve been keeping an eye on things here… And have a chance to listen to some new tunes while working. Mind Teardown lead me to their debut and it’s been a pretty good listen. Nine tracks running in 25 minutes time, Dry Lung Overdrive will give your ears some sweet industrial/EBM sounds as the duo makes their musical statement for themselves, and their Euro-based Crime:Scene label (Might want to check out the label’s line up). You can also check out additional tracks they have on SoundCloud if this album is too short for your liking. In the mean time, let’s check the tracks:


Intro: Imagine waking up in the near future to the sounds of air-raid sirens as your radio proudly gives today’s weather as sunny with lots of radiation, highs expected to be near 110. As for the good news: THERE IS NO FUCKING GOOD NEWS!


Death Increased: A higher tempo track with distorted vocals. The chorus vocals really reverberate.


Machine Messiah: Some sharp guitar sounds punctuate this tune. Sort of like when Ministry went from synth to industrial.


Wreckage: Percussion begins with some nice hammer banging with this moderately paced guitar-driven work.


Whisper: A slower, somewhat softer tune. Makes for a nice change of pace.


Processing: This one sounds like some machinery doing… well, processing… stuff. Kind of funky actually.


Anthrax Junkie: Back to uptempo music. Fast beats abound with this instrumental.


Breakdown: Lots of percussion, like Ministry’s Twitch-era music, or a Stomp show.


Outro: More air-raid sirens while the announcement Everyone seen after eight will be shot. Sirens Corporation: Making Earth A Better Place closes out the album.


Conclusion: Mind Teardown has a debut that gives mid-80s industrial/EBM fans a good dose to keep them going with whatever cyberpunkish (or not) activity are engaged in. And this is just for starters…

While searching them on YouTube, I came across a link to an EP of theirs, Begin Self Destruction. I’m going the check it out, and keep listening the Dry Lung Overdrive while working, and at home. Good stuff.

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March 13, 2013

syn said:

sounds good. surprised i havent heard of em, gonna check out all the stuff on the label

March 21, 2013

Nano said:

By the way the intro is from the movie “Hardware” you reviewed here. It’s Ozzy Osborne on the radio.

March 22, 2013

Stormtrooper of Death said:

Good to read an update of this fantastic website. I was a regular forum member , but nowadays surf the daughter forums

Big Hi-Five to Mr. Roboto ! Keep the Cyberpunk Flame burning mate !

April 22, 2013

Ayoub said:

Nice work, i think that you shouldn’t stop ;)

April 23, 2013

3489347 said:

I agree, you shouldn’t stop

April 26, 2013

Mescalito said:

Alright album, could use lil’ bit of silence and minimalism innit. Keep up the good work Mr. Roboto, you shouldn’t leave this grand project to wither in the internet dumpster. I guess, that at least bunch of people apart of me who were lurking for all those years would love you to keep it up and running.

May 2, 2013

F. said:

if you want to know more about Mind Teardown, I’ve making an interview with Domagoj Kršić who’s behind this project (with Ivan MYH) and Cyborgs On Crack.

Here it is:

Thx Mr Roboto!

May 21, 2013

KerraDot said:

Not only IDM/Industrial music is like cyberpunk. Listen some of Neurofunk music (neurofunk/techstep; genre of drum and bass). For example, my favourite:
SPOR - 1up;
SPOR - Cyberpunk;
Misha - Hallucinogens;
Mistabishi - Printer Jam (you must watch video on YouTube!);
Audio & Future Signal - Furyen;

PS. Mr. Roboto, keep up good work with site, but write often! ;) For example - i dont see anywhere “Meatball Machine” film! (maybe ‘low-cyberpunk’ but it is cool film).

KerraDot said:

Oh, and BTW, what about Tik and Tok? ;)

May 24, 2013

jairo said:

la lagrima de la virgen crizon en conito

jairo said:

tambien en la lagrima de la virgen crizon rename to accesorio de la windows en donde se encuentra la ms dos prompt to lagrima d ela virgen crizon y lo debes colocar en el computador antes que el neo llegue al procesador y en el password de la mother board en el setup el siguente paso es colocarlo en accesos remotos en un conito de papel y que no lo remuevan del sitio

jairo said:

el corazon lo tienes que colocar antes de que lleguen al computador procesador esos programas de 5 puntos en televisor de roverth rania tambien s ele coloca para que lleguen programas nuevos maliciosos

May 27, 2013

horatio_ said:

I really enjoyed this, and actually watched Hardware for the first time today and blew up when i heard Iggy Pop’s radio show and realized this group used the sample as their intro.

July 11, 2013

Khan said:

Great to see this awesome site is not dead!! You got me scared there for a while… But as always have come up with something really interesting. I discovered Dope Stars INC thanks to your site, and it seems like you’ve just gave me another band to keep track of!

July 13, 2013

Domagoj said:

I’m glad the site is back, I was worried! Again, thanks Mr. Roboto for this review and to all the people who are interested in the project. Right now, Mind Teardown has a new single Slaughter Zone and a video filled with cyberpunk visuals.

October 6, 2013

synikk said:

good album, thanks. i liked it. had that 90s vibe. miss this sound.

October 21, 2013


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