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August 27, 2012


Game Review By: Mr. Roboto

Release date: September 14, 2010

Developed by: Puny Human Games

Platforms: Steam / Half-Life 2

Versions reviewed: 1.3

Official site: Dystopia

Degree of Cyberpunk Visuals: Very High

Correlation to Cyberpunk Themes: Very High

Rating: 7 out of 10


Overview: Seems every time I do a game review, someone has to mention Dystopia. Well, I’ve heard your voices and checked it out. I can definitely say that Dystopia indeed needs to be reviewed.

I’ve been sort of reluctant to do a review because, unlike G String, Dystopia is strictly a multiplayer mod and lately there haven’t been many servers in operation to play. But maybe once this review is seen by able fans, there may be more servers going online.


The Story: Dateline 2069: After a series of wars, recessions, mergers, etc., governments have practically vanished as corporations now run everything. Anti-corporate resistance exists as mercenary “punks” have taken up arms against the private security “corp” forces seeking to bring law and order to the chaos of the arcologies.


There’s no “I” in “team.”


Teamwork is important in Dystopia. Like having a heavy guard a decker who’s jacked in and vulnerable.

To survive in Dystopia, you need to rely not only on your own skills in FPSs, but in your teammates whether they be corp agents or punk mercenaries. First of all, once you log into a server and select a map, you have to decide if you want to be corp or punk. Then you need to decide which of the three classes you want to be. The light class has little armor and has to rely on speed and stealth to survive. Fortunately, they also have four implant slots to augment their stealthiness. Heavy classes don’t have implant options, but their firepower options really don’t require augmentation. Medium class is a balance of the others, with two implant slots available.

Now you can select from the weapons and implants available to your selected class.


Make certain one of your light/medium members has a cyberspace deck installed. You’ll need a deck to access cyberspace.

From there, all you need to do is complete the objectives shown within the time limit to win.


Lone wolves need not apply. Dystopia is very much a multiplayer mod. Single players will be out of luck in playing, unless they can set up a server where only one player can log in… or develop bots that can act as allies/enemies. There is a tutorial that shows the basics, but you’ll only be able to experience it as a corp “light shotgun decker” (light class with a shotgun and deck, working for the corps).

Not too long ago, there used to be a couple of dozen servers available to play on. You might even find a few without anyone logged in so you can explore the maps and practice against the automated defenses by your lonesome, until someone logs in as an opposing player. Recently, there have only been one server (if any) with only one map at a time available. That might be due to my timing, as I do work a forty-hour work week.


Besides, death is an experience best shared.

Conclusion: It’s hard for a long-time solo player to get into a game like Dystopia, especially one who’s deathmatch experience comes from Quake Reaper-bots. For fans of cyberpunk, the atmosphere and background just might be what brings those soloists into the multiplayer venue (unless they’re trapped in Neocron for some odd reason). Though a single-player campaign or career would be nice.

In the mean time, how about setting up some servers so we can get into the Dystopian groove, K?

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August 27, 2012

SSJKamui said:

Thanks for reviewing it and thanks for continuing reviewing mods. This sounds interesting.

Bender411 said:

This game is awesome, surprised you give it only 7/10 and in this review you only touched the surface(but its not bad))) Game development started LOOOONG time ago (Released Sep 9, 2005), and due its mod (>develpment goes only in freetime developers have) and it was build on HL2 engine (but with last patch its was ported to HL2E2 engine) now it looks not so cool as many games in store right now. Also developers working on another game right now, so no future updates, or at least near future. BUT! When it was realised it was damn cool game! I’m think even now its one of the most best cyberpunk games! I’m glad to see now what developers have interest in cyberpunk (DE:HR, Hard Reset, Remember Me) but I think you should treat this game as classic right now) Pure cyberpunk filled multyplayer from before… (Sorry for my eng)))

Bender411 said:

Also, if you interested in another multiplayer mod wich have Cyberpunk feeling try Neotokyo. Think of it like Counter-Strike in GitS world.


FireElemental said:

This is probably my favorite Game. I personally run a server for it topia paradise. Come and play!

FireElemental said:

the server is dubtopia paraside (the validation killed the less than and greater than symbols.

September 7, 2012

zeitzeuge said:

No review of Syndicate?!

September 10, 2012

Sniper said:

I played Syndicate (the FPS version) and it is not worth a fucking mention. I am more surprised not to find a review of E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy, especially since you are reviewing HL2 mods now ;)

September 18, 2012

TehN00b said:

I agree with you Sniper E.Y.E is a game that has been given less importance than it deserves.

The combination of rpg/fps, the deep world you enter in, the easter-eggs, the awesome music and history makes it a jewel for me. Also beeing able to play coop with friends make it awesome

Sure at a point you miss having more scenarios but that’s a minor thing…

October 6, 2012

stn said:

I’ve been playing this game for so many years, almost daily.
It’s AMAZING! and free!

I play pickup games on the DGL server, we get 10 players then do a 5v5 match, this happens several times a day.

October 26, 2012

Leo said:

DYSTOPIA: this game is f* awesome !

February 15, 2013

[::st3x::] said:

[::st3x::] said:

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