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July 30, 2012

Dimensional Prophecy of Zohar Redux Layer 1: Essence

Review By: Mr. Roboto

Year: 2012

Created by: SSJKamui

Download PDF From DeviantArt (Registration required)


A quick one to hold you over: People have been PM-ing me to check out projects they have been working on. SSJKamui is one of the most recent, drawing (sic) my attention to a comic of his over on DeviantArt. It’s actually a remake of a previous comic of his to improve the quality of the story and pics. Though nowhere near DC/Marvel studio quality, this comic still manages to get its point across, making you wonder about the nature of humanity and “fear.”


The Story: At a time when cybernetic implants, planetary colonization, and megacorporations rule, an alien force obliterates a Mars colony and are now appearing on Earth. Because the “aliens” appear to be human, they are called the Caine.

Because the Caine kill people, whether accidentally or on purpose, the World Government classify the Caine as terrorists. A computer algorithm was developed to predict Caine “attacks”, but with a huge margin of error. An investigative group is being formed to improve the algorithm, but when a member of the group is “attacked”, the World Government is ready to destroy the group and the city of Kyoto to stop the Caine.


The Nature of Fear. The main theme of Essence is the nature of fear: What is it that scares us, and what do we do to reduce the fear? What freedom do we sacrifice for (the illusion) of security, and does the loss of that freedom only generate more fear?

Sounds familiar? Those are the questions we’ve been fighting with since 9/11/01. Only now SSJKamui has put those questions into a cyberpunk comic. Or as Benjamin Franklin one put it “Those who give up much liberty for a little security deserve neither and will lose both” (or something similar).

And for that matter, who are the Caine? Are they alien beings beyond human comprehension, or humans that paranoid-addled minds have twisted into something inhuman?


Conclusion: While some may balk at the quality, the dialog is easy enough to follow. And the themes of fear and security makes this 25-page comic a good read. Though you might want to keep the lights on, and only turn the page when the Caine says it’s OK.

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July 30, 2012

Plam said:

Upload w/o registration somewhere, plz

SSJKamui said:

Yeah. Thanks for reviewing my work.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I am so glad to see it. Yeah.

On topic of the registration. I agree, it’s a problem, but I know no hosting space where I am allowed to upload it without registration because of some mature content in it. (I will look if there is a way to handle it.)

The theme of fear was very important to me when I wrote the comic. (To be honest, the initial idea for the comic was created because I was afraid of math test at university about the topics of margins of error of computer algorithms. ;) ) Many parts of the philosophy are also inspired by the works of the german philosopher Martin Heidegger, also known as the “philosopher of fear”.

August 2, 2012

SSJKamui said:

The Project Thread with some more pics in the CCPF Forums:

Perhaps, it’s usefull for some.

August 6, 2012

HenryDorsettCase said:

If you’re not trying to monetise it, just throw it up on the pirate bay. There’s a surprisingly large amount of art of all forms legitimately uploaded to it.

SSJKamui said:

Well, on topic of BitTorrent in general, there is a problem. The programs I used to create the comic have got a nasty kind of copy protection. They search the hard disk for BitTorrent Technology and if such tech is detected, the programs get bricked and have to be bought anew. (And these programs are rather expensive, too. (I know of course, most people could say I could easily switch to an illegal version of the programs, but I already own a legal version. So, ofcourse, I don’t want to lose it.) )

Because of this, I am sorry but I can’t use any file sharing technology to distribute it. If other people want to share it on their sites, I would allow it as long as the source is cited, but I can’t use technology like BitTorrent. (I would need a rather normal site to upload it.)

August 7, 2012

HenryDorsettCase said:

Holy crap, that’s messed up, shit like that is why Cyberpunk exists, very dystopian. Garbage like that is why I’m running linux, but of course no one ever wants to switch to gimp haha.

Try depositfiles. I think you can even get a little bit of money from advertising on the download screen from it.

SSJKamui said:

I agree. And I didn’t knew that at first and had to buy the software anew.

On topic of Gimp, actually, at first, I used that program for post production. The problem is, like photoshop, for layouting, it’s rather impractical. (To explain it, the comic is not “drawings edited by image manipulation programs”, this is cell shaded 3d modelling/rendering edited with photoshop and combined with some hand drawn things.)

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