I know, everyone’s glad to see CPR back up and running (especially the spammers), and I haven’t lost sight of what I’m supposed to be doing here. Sometimes I get… distracted. Like looking for the latest music and games to review… particularly games right now.

If you’re not familiar with Steam, it’s a multifunction platform for PCs where you can play games and smack-talk fellow gamers online since 2003. In October 2012, the Steam community started the Greenlight project, where members can help choose what games they would like to see on Steam, and where developers can showcase their hacking skills (or lack of) by sharing their mods, original games, etc.

If you do a search on Steam for “cyberpunk,” you’ll come up with several games including classics like System Shock 2 and Deus Ex, and newer releases like Remember Me and the latest Shadowrun incarnation (they’ll be reviewed once I can afford and play them). The trend continues with the Greenlight project as I am following several games of interest.

**WARNING** Many of these games are still demos or “pre-alpha” releases, meaning they’re not ready for game time… yet. If enough people upvote them, maybe we can see them on Steam, and I can review them for you.

Here are the particular games I’m following:

Dead Cyborg. (Official site) Billed as a “First person, hard sci-fi adventure”, Dead Cyborg has the post-apocalyptic visuals to make a good adventure.

Dead Cyborg

Shot of the underground bunker you’re trying to leave.

To help, or annoy, you, various robots can give you clues, needed inventory, or just a bit of humor. Some of the computer screens and trash can also clue you into what happened to have you wake up in a bunker. Currently freeware, there are two “episodes” already out but no mention of a third just yet. If pressed for a review, I would give it a solid 8 even though it’s not a shooter. But robots can’t live on shooters alone.

Neon XSZ (Neon Excesses). (Greenlight page) Think “Tron” does “Descent” and you get the basic idea of the gameplay, though it’s still in alpha form. You fly a virtual starfighter through the depths of cyberspace in order to defend it… or crash it.

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey. (Community forum) The third chapter of the Longest Journey series where you control the protagonist(s) as they venture between the crumbling cyberpunk world of Stark and the magic land of Arcadia. I have the first two Journeys in my Steam library, just need some time to check them out.

Fallen World. (Play online) “…inspired by cyberpunk anime and films such as Appleseed, Terminator, and The Matrix Series”, you play a cyborg-ninja that’s trying to protect a cyborg girl who can bring down the robot network. Something of a “tower defense” meets escort game. That escort part may be a turn-off for some, but try it online before downvoting, or calling Jean-Claude Van Damme for help.

Collateral. (Steam page)

If you remember an old game called Quarantine, your memory banks are still functioning.

You play a flying cab pilot named Zack Edgewater who is looking to get out of the hell-hole of New Bedlam. In the meantime, you work for fares and do jobs for the city’s factions until you can get one of those passcodes to leave this mad town in your dust. Quarantine does The Fifth Element.

Satellite Reign. (Official site) Not happy with the recent reboot of Syndicate? This should make up for it, as it’s made by the creator of Syndicate Wars. In Satellite Reign, you control a four-man squad through an “open cyberpunk city.” You can take on missions with open ultra-violence or ninja stealthiness, by converting enemies into allies or turning the infrastructure against them. This could be the next Syndicate.

There are others I’m following, but not all are cyberpunk, or even being developed anymore.


Say, pal, can you spare a buck? Some of these games have KickStarter pages, just search for them if they don’t have official sites. Some of these people are looking for those development bucks to get their games out, Steam or not. Some may already be out on Desura (I tried them once but found it was mostly Steam rips). If you would like to see these games out give them your support. And if or when they do come out, I’ll be ready to review them… barring anymore technical fubars.

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